Creation of LE CEINTURIER brand

Olympe and Lucas co-founded our LE CEINTURIER brand in Alsace, the place of origin of a family craftsmanship. They set off on the roads of France aboard their converted Van to present their products.

From the East Coast to the West Coast!

Head west, towards the ocean. Lucas and Olympe set up their workshop in their garage in Vendée on the Atlantic coast.

First store opening

Lucas and Olympe gather all their savings to acquire their first store. It is in this tiny “laboratory” store in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, located a stone's throw away from the surf spots, that the idea for the concept that would make the reputation and success of Le Ceinturier was born. We were still far from imagining the rest!

Launch of the website

The results of the online store far exceed expectations and serve as a real boost to development. Le Ceinturier is proudly elevated to brand status!

We expand the store!

The small original store is no longer sufficient to contain the success encountered with the ever-increasing number of customers. Le Ceinturier moves to a much larger store of 100m2 still located in the same street. The perfect opportunity to implement the concept imagined in its very first version! The concept is created, a new adventure begins.

Launch of the online store V2.0

Transposition of the shop concept on the web in a general overhaul to follow the growing evolution of the collection.

Creation of the new workshop

LE CEINTURIER moves into its brand new, freshly built 350m2 workshop. A workshop designed for the comfort of the production team, which is growing in response to the ever-growing brand success. A new tool for new products!

Opening of Le Ceinturier Store Strasbourg

The concept is exported to the European capital in a new hyper-centre store with a sales area of ​​180 m2. The opportunity to test the V2 concept, a new and even more accomplished version of Le Ceinturier, on the scale of a large city.

Opening of Le Ceinturier Store Les Sables d'Olonne

March 06, 2022! It is the official launch of the third Le Ceinturier store located in the main pedestrian street of Les Sables d'Olonne, capital of ocean racing and the Vendée Globe.

Launch of the online store V3.0

Complete overhaul of the online store. A brand new improved customer experience to present a growing product catalog. It is the opportunity to fully link the online store with Le Ceinturier stores and offer new shopping experiences.

Ouverture du Ceinturier Store Nice

Le Ceinturier pose ses valises sous le soleil de Nice ! La quatrième boutique ouvre en plein cœur de ville, à deux pas de la Promenade des Anglais et des plages de galets.

Nationwide development

A project to set up new stores is planned in several major French cities... We'll tell you everything soon, promise!