I made a mistake. Can I modify my order?

I entered the wrong address, model, size when ordering!

Contact us as soon as possible on the email address info@ceinturier.com. We will do our best to make the change (if your product has not yet been manufactured or shipped)

Do you offer discount codes?

At this time, we do not offer promotional codes. The prices of our products have been calculated as accurately as possible, taking into account the quality materials used and the time required for their manufacture.

However, we do run a few promotions from time to time, through our newsletter subscribers list at the bottom of this page.

What payment method do you accept?

You will be able to choose your method of payment when your basket is validated.

It is possible to pay for your order either by credit card or via PAYPAL (without obligation to create an account).

Can I place a custom order?


At the moment, our organization and our manufacturing process do not allow personalized orders or customization of our products other than what we offer on this site. What you see is what is available. However, we remain at your disposal at info@ceinturier.com .

I never received the confirmation email. What should I do?


The confirmation email may be hidden in your junk mail (SPAM).

If not, contact us at info@ceinturier.com, we will check that your order and your payment have been taken into account.

How to place an order on LE CEINTURIER?

It is very simple!

To become the proud owner of one of our Made In France models, simply add the desired products to your basket (choose the color and select the size)

When your basket is complete, validate it and follow the steps of the ordering process; fill in your delivery and billing address, choose your delivery method and payment method.

As soon as your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that you will soon receive your Made In France leather items manufactured in our own LE CEINTURIER workshop in Vendée!!

(Please note that this email can sometimes hide in your junk mail folder)

How to create an account on LE CEINTURIER?

To create a LE CEINTURIER account, simply go to our website www.ceinturier.com then click on Login at the top right of the header.

As you place an order on the site, you can also decide to create a customer account by checking a dedicated box at the end of the ordering process.

You will also be offered the option to subscribe to our newsletter.

I have lost my password, what should I do?

Don't worry, who has never forgotten one of their passwords? Here is the solution: https://www.ceinturier.com/recuperation-mot-de-passe . If you encounter difficulties, you can contact our after-sales service at +33 9 52 711 611 or by email at info@ceinturier.com so that we can settle this together.

I can't pay on the site, what should I do?

It blocks during payment?

Start by checking that your card numbers are correctly entered, that it has not expired, that your account has enough funds or that you have not exceeded your payment limit.

Otherwise you can try another means of payment: it is also possible to pay for your order via Paypal or by check.

If you still cannot pay for your order, you can contact our customer service to place an order together at info@ceinturier.com or by phone at +33 9 52 711 611.

What should I do if my promotional code does not work?

To use your promo code or credit note, you must be logged into your customer account. Log in and try again to enter it in the advantage code part of your basket page. Your discount should then appear. If it still does not work, contact customer service at info@ceinturier.com or +33 9 52 711 611.

Why do belt sizes stop at 130cm? How do I order for a larger size?

We offer belt sizes between 70cm and 130cm. This measurement corresponds to the waist circumference and not to the total length of the belt.

However, within the limit of our stocks of cowhides, we can, in certain cases, manufacture belts with a size greater than 130cm (also possible for a size smaller than 70cm).

In these two cases, do contact our customer service by email at info@ceinturier.com or call us at +339 52 711 611.

What if I don't want to receive a box when ordering?

Good initiative! At LE CEINTURIER we work actively on environmentalism and it is important to us to use less packaging.

Many of our customers appreciate the boxes and the packaging of Le Ceinturier, for others, more sensitive on this point like you, it is too much.

We try in all cases to avoid unnecessary packaging and to use smaller cardboard boxes.

Where is my order?

It is very easy to find out where your order is: just click on the link in the shipping confirmation email that was sent to you.

Do you ship worldwide?

There are Le Ceinturier customers worldwide, which is why we are able to deliver to you anywhere in the world!

What are the delivery times abroad?

We ship worldwide.

Belgium and Luxembourg:

- Mondial Relay pick-up point: 3 to 5 working days.

- Home delivery via Mondial Relay: 3 to 5 working days.

- Express delivery via CHRONOPOST: 1 to 3 working days.


- Mondial Relay pick-up point: 5 to 6 working days.

- Home delivery via Mondial Relay: 3 to 6 working days.

- Express delivery via CHRONOPOST: 1 to 3 working days.

The Netherlands :

- Home delivery via Mondial Relay: 3 to 5 working days.

- Express delivery via CHRONOPOST: 1 to 3 working days.

United Kingdom :

- Home delivery via Mondial Relay: 5 to 6 working days.

- Express delivery via CHRONOPOST: 1 to 3 working days.


- Home delivery via Mondial Relay: 5 to 6 working days.

- Express delivery via CHRONOPOST: 1 to 3 working days.

Rest of the world :

You can find out the indicative delivery times in your country via the following link: Calculate the delivery times https://www.laposte.fr/particulier/outils/calculateur-de-delais

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping costs are free from €69 in metropolitan France for delivery to your home or to a pick-up point.

- Standard home delivery: €5.90 to €6.90 (2 to 3 working days)

- Delivery to a pick-up point: €4.90 to €5.90 (2 to 3 working days)

- Delivered the next day to a pick-up point Express (before 1pm): €8.90 (for an order placed before 12pm)

- Delivered the next day at home Express: €11.90 (for an order placed before 12pm)

Find the details of the shipping costs according to your delivery address by clicking on this link: Shipping costs.

The calculation of shipping costs for orders outside mainland France is done automatically and is indicated from the first step of the ordering process when you enter your delivery address and according to your basket.

International orders may also be subject to import duties and taxes which we cannot cover.

I entered the wrong address when placing my order, what should I do?

Contact us as soon as possible at the email address info@ceinturier.com . We will do our best to make the change (if your product has not yet been shipped).

What if I don't want to receive the invoice in the package?

Your order will arrive without an invoice. You will find your invoice attached to your order confirmation email.

What if a product is missing from my order?

First of all, we are deeply sorry if an error has crept into the preparation of your order.

In order to correct the situation, send us an email at info@ceinturier.com: fill in your order number and tell us which product is missing. Add the total weight of the package marked on the label and specify if it seemed damaged upon receipt.

How long will it take to receive my order?

LE CEINTURIER products are generally dispatched within 1 to 3 working days (Monday to Friday).

All our products are handmade in our own workshop. It can therefore sometimes be difficult to meet high demand for certain products.

Please know that we do our best to ship orders quickly.

Delivery is carried out in 24 to 48 hours (metropolitan France) depending on the chosen delivery method.

Where are LE CEINTURIER products made?

At LE CEINTURIER, all our leather products are entirely manufactured in our own workshop located on the French Atlantic coast in Vendée, in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie.

From the skins tanned and pigmented in our partner tanneries specializing in vegetable tanning (all the processes of which we control and master: colors, strength, touch, etc.) to the making of the products, all the manufacturing stages of LE CEINTURIER products are Made in France.

Made in France is the guarantee of traditional craftsmanship, a preserved heritage and products of the best quality.

Where does the leather used by LE CEINTURIER come from?

Our skins come from the best French tanneries for the most part, but also from high-end Spanish and Italian tanneries to allow for a wider choice of finishes.

We exclusively use vegetable-tanned full-grain cowhide leather (without chromium salts) to manufacture our collection of LE CEINTURIER belts.

The item received does not suit me, how do I return it?

If receipt of your order is less than 14 days old and the item has not been worn or damaged, you can return it via Colissimo La Poste to the address:

LE CEINTURIER Return/Exchange Service

16 Impasse de la Fraignaie ZA

85800 Le Fenouiller (France)

The product must be sent in its original packaging, in its original condition and accompanied by:

- Your first and last name

- Your email address

- Your phone number

- Your mailing address

- Your proof of purchase, order number, receipt or gift ticket

If the conditions are not met, in particular the return and exchange conditions, LE CEINTURIER will not be able to refund the products concerned.

Would you like to exchange an item purchased from one of our resellers?

Your purchase concerns an article in our permanent products or our current collection: we will only be able to make an exchange and not a refund.

First, request the exchange directly from the retailer where you made the purchase. If the latter refuses, then follow the procedure below.

However, we cannot exchange an item that is part of an old collection that is no longer available for sale.

If your purchase is less than 14 days old, has not been worn or damaged, and the seller does not allow an exchange, contact customer service at info@ceinturier.com. After validation by customer service, you will have to return your package to the following address:

Service Retour LE CEINTURIER

16 impasse de La Fraignaie ZA

85800 Le Fenouiller


You wish to exchange an item that you bought or received as a gift and which comes from one of our LE CEINTURIER stores, but are unable to come and exchange it in store?

The purchase of your product is less than 30 days old, has not been worn or damaged, and you wish to proceed with an exchange: no problem, contact customer service at info@ceinturier.com, we will explain the procedure to you.

What should I do if my product has a defect?

We apologize for the inconvenience if your product has a defect.

Please send an email to our customer service at info@ceinturier.com attaching photos of the defect.

Your request will be studied as soon as possible. We will send you a prepaid return slip and proceed to the exchange of the product or its refund.

I lost my delivery note to attach it to my return, what should I do?

If you cannot find your delivery note to attach it to your return package, please slip in it a piece of paper containing at least your order number as well as your first and last name for us to be able to find the initial order.

What is tanning?

Tanning is a succession of very precise operations which consist in transforming a skin into rot-proof leather.

At LE CEINTURIER, we have made the choice for our belts to be made with skins resulting from first-rate vegetable tanning only, a process that is more respectful of the environment.

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Vegetable tanning is the most environmentally-friendly tanning method. However, it is longer to produce than chrome tanning which is chemical.

The tannins are organic and used in the form of powders mixed with the skins with clear water in huge wooden drums (also called fullers). Tannins come from plants (bark, leaves, sap) such as oak, mimosa, rhubarb, spruce, chestnut, among others.

Vegetable-tanned leather is fully recyclable and contains no toxic substances. It is for these reasons that, at LE CEINTURIER, we have turned to this natural tanning technique.

What is full-grain leather?

Full-grain leather is leather that has retained all of its original grain. The surface was therefore not sanded. The leather has retained the natural grain and all the characteristics of the skin: suppleness, hold and resistance.

Our leathers for the manufacture of our belts have undergone deep pigmentation (dipped leather) as opposed to the very widespread surface coloring techniques by spray: this gives them unequaled durability over time.

At LE CEINTURIER, you are guaranteed to have a belt that will never tear or crack (even at the holes). On the contrary, the leather will develop a nice patina over time instead of losing its color.

Which belt width to choose?

At LE CEINTURIER, you can choose from our 4 belt widths:

4.0: With a leather width of 39mm, this is the everyday belt. Classic, Man or Woman, this belt is made to be worn with both jeans and trousers. You can also wear it with shorts or chinos. Its width does not allow it to pass through the loops of a suit.

The advantages of this belt: it lies flat in the loops of the trousers, which avoids the discomfort of a belt that goes up in the loops at the back. Because of its width, this belt has a very good hold on the waist, especially if you like to wear your belt tight.

It is the casual look par excellence.

3.5: The most versatile belt! This 34mm wide leather belt is a master key. Both men and women alike choose this versatile width. Neither too thin for jeans (it won't ride up in trouser loops), nor too wide for suits (it fits in the vast majority of suit loops or pleated trousers). Highly appreciated by businessmen and globetrotters, its ultra versatile style will allow you to have a belt for work and for travelling!

3.0: More select and, depending on its loop, possibly more discreet as well. This belt width with its 29mm leather is a belt with a more elegant touch because of its thinness. Very appreciated by women but also by men, you can wear it on your most sophisticated outfits such as suits. Wearing it in jeans is possible, but depending on the morphologies the belt will tend to ride up at the top of the trouser loops. You need a belt for a wedding, an occasion or for a light style, this is the belt for you.

2.5: The thinnest width with its 24mm wide leather is the belt for women who want a very discreet belt. Men also sometimes let themselves be tempted by this width, but you have to bear in mind that it is a belt that will remain very thin on the waist and in the trouser loops. Often worn on skirts or dresses, this belt will hit its mark to the highest degree!

How to maintain the leather?

All the leathers used in the manufacture of LE CEINTURIER products are tanned in the best possible way, they are perfectly well-nourished with natural oils during the tanning process.

If you want to help extend the longevity of your items purchased from LE CEINTURIER, we offer a new range of leather care products made primarily from raw materials of natural origin and entirely manufactured in France by a family business.

Find all our products and application tips in ACCESSORIES.

Will my belt look exactly like the picture?

The natural character of leather means that no two skins are identical (veining, grain, etc.). therefore, no two LE CEINTURIER belts will be identical.

The photos of products visible on our LE CEINTURIER website must be used for information purposes only, and not as an exact representation. Minimal differences are to be expected in the manufacture of each product, small variations are indeed inherent to the artisanal manufacturing process of LE CEINTURIER.

The manufacture of the products piece by piece guarantees very particular attention to detail and therefore the assurance of high quality for each belt or product leaving our LE CEINTURIER workshop.

Do you offer the possibility of having a custom size?

If your size does not appear in the choice we offer for the products available in the current LE CEINTURIER collection, do contact our customer service at info@ceinturier.com. We will do what is necessary to answer you as soon as possible and to make the article to the desired size if possible.

What is the size of the belt buckle?

Find all the dimensions of each belt buckle on the corresponding product page under the MEASUREMENTS tab located next to DESCRIPTION and FEATURES of the product.

What are your belt buckles made of?

LE CEINTURIER is also the guarantee of having a belt buckle that matches the quality of the leather. A belt buckle that won't break even after tough adventures! Made from the best materials such as solid brass or an ultra-resistant alloy (composed of Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper for its soft and non-brittle characteristics), all LE CEINTURIER buckles are designed to withstand heavy loads in order to have a maximum lifespan.

We have certificates from our various partners responsible for the manufacture of LE CEINTURIER belt buckles, guaranteeing levels (traces) of nickel very well below the thresholds in force.

Our solid brass or nickel-free buckles (devoid of nickel) are perfect for people allergic to nickel.